Purple Mountains Majesty

I was in Breckenridge, Colorado a few weeks ago. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off the mountains. Peak One, shown in the photo above this blog is the highest of the ten peaks that comprise Tenmile Range. Peak One has the highest ski lift in the U.S., just above 13,000 feet. Each day of the visit my wife, Karen, and I would walk down to a small city-center park, sit on a bench, and mostly just stare at the mountains. The grandeur of the mountains was breathtaking!

What was most interesting to observe, however, were the children in the park. While the adults were caught up in the beautiful mountain views, they were fascinated with a playground slide hardly more than four feet high. It was hewn into a man-made rock formation. Kids of all sizes (including those over four feet tall) spent hours going down this small slide. When they grew weary of the slide, they would go over to an adjourning sandpit and play all kinds of made-up games. Covered in sand, it was often hard to distinguish the kids from the sand pit.

In the midst of the grand visions of elevated mountain peaks, these kids were lost in a world of sliding and sand. Watching them, I couldn’t help but see this scene in a metaphor of Christian living. Though we are surrounded by the majesties of God and His wondrous works, we either get lost in the slip-sliding pace of life that blurs the grandeur, or we get so covered with the “dust” of life our eyes simply can’t see the glory of God that surrounds us.

The Temple veil has been opened. The glory of God has been revealed. O God, give us eyes to see your glory all around us!